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Visa Stamping Fees In Dubai

Visa Stamping Fees In Dubai| Don’t Pay More

Managing the visa stamping fees in Dubai is often challenging, particularly when comprehending the accompanying fees.

This detailed guide clarifies visa stamping prices in Dubai, with an emphasis on the services offered by Outcomes Agency.

If you’re a visitor, a student, or want to work in Dubai, understanding the fees upfront can help you prepare ahead of time and prevent unexpected Dubai visa stamping cost.

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What is Visa Stamping?

visa stamping fees in Dubai  is a crucial phase in the visa application procedure. It is when your visa is formally approved by the immigration department, granting you legal admission and stay in Dubai.

This procedure is more than just a convenience; it is a legal requirement that confirms your right to live or work within the country.

2 years residence visa in Dubai cost

For example, a two-year family visa in Dubai is projected to cost around 3,550 AED without insurance and about 5322 AED with insurance. A three-year visa costs around 3,750 AED without insurance and 5,522 AED with coverage.

visa stamping fees in UAE

Visa Stamping Fees In Dubai

Visa stamping fees in Dubai vary depending on the kind of visa, the length of stay, and any other necessary services. Knowing these fees assists with budgeting and preparation for the application procedure.

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Urgent visa stamping fees in Dubai

When applying for an urgent Dubai visa online or Dubai visa stamping fees you must submit some of the necessary paperwork to ensure a quick visa application procedure.

The papers are as follows: A photocopy of a passport valid for more than six months and a passport photograph with a white backdrop.

visa medical fees in Dubai

Dubai visa stamping cost AED 500 is the cost for a 180-day Medical Visa with one entry. – Despite VAT (5%). – The 90-day Medical Visa charge for one entrance is AED 300. – A 180-day Medical Visa for one visit costs AED 900.

3 years residence visa Dubai cost

About 3,550 AED without coverage, and nearly 5322 AED with insurance. A three-year visa costs around 3,750 AED without insurance and 5,522 AED with insurance.

residence visa renewal UAE cost

Dubai visa stamping fees is AED 195 is good for one year. Suppose the time is two years, AED 295. The three-year resident visa in Dubai costs AED 395. The costs for the other Emirates are the same.


Are there any fees for visa stamping?

Please note that the visa costs are 1035 AED if the sponsor is within the country and 365 AED if the sponsor is outside the country.

How can I get a visa stamped in Dubai?

Workers who wish to work lawfully in Dubai must submit visa stamping fees in Dubai application. The final step in converting one’s citizenship to resident is to obtain a medical certificate and card from the Ministry of Health or Dubai Health Authority.

Following the conclusion of the medical checkup, the findings are often transmitted to the appropriate immigration authorities for assessment.

After review, the visa acceptance and stamping fees in Dubai procedure will be completed. Following acceptance, according to what happened, you can expect to be contacted via email, SMS, or through your sponsor.

After getting a notification, you may obtain a soft copy of your residency visa via the ICP or the United Arab Emirates App or call the results agency via WhatsApp at support to obtain the latest copy.

How long does the visa stamping procedure take?

The entire visa stamping fees in Dubai procedure might take a few days up to several weeks, contingent upon the kind of visa and the extent of your application.

Are there any exclusions from visa stamping fees?

Foreign visas and governmental jobs may be exempted from visa stamping fees.

What occurs if the visa stamping is delayed?

Delays may result in extra costs or issues throughout your stay in Dubai. You must keep up with the Outcomes Agency and confirm that every record is in order.

Why Prefer Outcomes Services for Licensing and Visa Services?

  • Our team of professionals is well-versed in UAE regulations and processes, guaranteeing timely and precise guidance.
  • We recognize that all client’s requirements are distinct. We customize our offerings to your individual needs.
  • With our assistance, you will experience a smooth process that minimizes delays and ensures fast results.
  • We believe in openness and will keep you updated throughout the procedure and answer any questions that you might have.

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