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Corporate bank account dubai

corporate bank account Dubai| Apply for corporate bank account UAE

A corporate bank account dubai is a bank account that has been established in the name of a firm. The account may get revenue from the business and handle various company operations.

Businesses with an elected board of executives should establish an official account to facilitate the administration of finances.

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zero balance business bank account in UAE

You are not required to keep a certain amount of money in your account. Pay a monthly charge of AED 200 to continue banking with us.

The HSBC corporate bank account dubai, both paid and non-salaried persons. Individuals are able to create zero-balance accounts online in the United Arab Emirates.

It is worth noting that customers of the HSBC E-Saver account cannot receive a debit card.

Free corporate bank account Dubai

There’s no minimum balance: The Commercial Bank of Dubai Saver Account does not require you to keep a specific amount in your account; the bank will not ask for it.

Free account upkeep: There are no charges for keeping your account registered. Make Interests: Save up to 1.25% interest on your average monthly balance.

Corporate bank account Dubai requirements

UAE banks have outstanding digital and mobile banking abilities and are always striving to incorporate cutting-edge technology such as AI and Blockchain.

The ease of financial services provided by UAE banks assists foreign entrepreneurs in establishing a firm in the United Arab Emirates.

Corporate bank account dubai

Documents Needed for Opening a Corporate Bank in the UAE

The following paperwork might be necessary to open a corporate bank account dubai for citizens and non-residents.

  • Proof of the Emirates ID and the shareholder representative’s ID.
  • Complete CV of the shareholder member.
  • Utility bills serve as verification of address.
  • A comprehensive company strategy outlines the company’s actions.
  • Passport for the shareholder agent.
  • Details about the types of activities that are going to be carried out on the account
  • Personal and corporate bank account statements from the last six months.
  • Include at least five suppliers and five customers.
  • A comprehensive set of approved firm incorporation documentation
  • Articles and Memorandum of Organization
  • Declaration of establishment.
  • Identification of the origin of funding
  • Current contracts (if any)
  • Shareholder registration
  • Company extraction
  • Certificate of Good Status.

Note that the precise set of necessary papers may differ according to the bank, and more details or proof may be needed. It is recommended to contact the bank directly for a complete list of their criteria.

Corporate bank account dubai opening online

Apply for a corporate bank account online in dubai. Registering for a business account through our online services is straightforward and easy. You may perform this from any place at any time.

Corporate bank accounts Dubai minimum balance

Setting up your corporate bank account Dubai requires a starting balance of AED 3,000.


Which bank is good for a company account in Dubai?

Commercial Bank of Dubai

The Commercial Bank of Dubai corporate accounts provide account holders with various company financial services and products.

Several service delivery platforms provide 24-hour accessibility to bank accounts and funds and valuable online business assistance tools. The bank also provides:

  • Various business finance choices.
  • Cash flow management solutions.
  • Business insurance goods.
  • Dedicated business banking relationship managers.

The best corporate bank accounts in dubai that are open for firms established in the United Arab Emirates are:

  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • HSBC
  • Citibank
  • Barclays

How to open a business bank account in Dubai as a foreigner?

If you are not a UAE resident and wish to create a corporate bank account dubai or another emirate, you can do so, but there are some limits. It would help if you first got a residence visa to take full advantage of the perks.

Usually, a non-resident account is opened within one day. Nevertheless, given the customer’s profile and the bank’s standards, the compliance approach could take longer.

As a result, it is critical for the applicant to have a strong and appealing background.

Is using a personal bank account for business in the UAE illegal?

Any business must have a corporate bank account in the United Arab Emirates because using private UAE bank accounts for commercial purposes is forbidden.

While it is not unlawful to open a bank account for the United Arab Emirates trade business outside of the United Arab Emirates, most banks outside the UAE will likely decline applications for services.

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