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mainland company setup in dubai

Mainland company setup in Dubai| Get offers on all packages

The mainland company setup in Dubai consists of several steps, such as choosing a business action, getting the initial authorization from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

getting a trading name, leasing office space, acquiring authorizations from the appropriate agencies, and receiving a business license.

Businesses must also follow particular legal guidelines, such as filing for VAT and acquiring the necessary licenses. Once these requirements are completed, businesses can begin business on the UAE mainland.

At Outcomes Agency, we will assist you in each step of this mainland company setup in Dubai.

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Mainland Dubai

Recent revisions in UAE rules have enabled 100% foreign ownership in numerous sectors, especially those geared toward luring international investment.

Traditionally, the sponsoring entity (UAE national) had to own fifty-one percent of a mainland company’s shares; however, this rule has been reduced in numerous industries.

Mainland company meaning

Mainland company setup in Dubai provides substantial benefits to organizations seeking to create an authoritative presence locally and internationally.

With the UAE’s geographical position, healthy economy, and favorable business rules, establishing a mainland firm may prove a highly advantageous decision for both individuals and companies.

Knowing the special needs and benefits of a mainland company is critical for realizing every opportunity in the United Arab Emirates market.

Mainland company formation in UAE

Mainland company setup in dubai could be profitable thanks to the country’s excellent business environment, geographical location, and healthy economy. This detailed guide will help clarify the expenses and procedures of forming a mainland company in the UAE.

Mainland company set Dubai cost

Mainland company setup in Dubai incurs several expenses that must be carefully budgeted. Working with an expert agency, such as Outcomes Agency, may help you manage these costs efficiently while ensuring compliance with all regulatory obligations, saving you time and money.

Dubai Mainland (Investor Visa)
Starting From 14500 AED
Get Started
  • 100% Foriegn Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Investor Visa
  • Business License
  • Business Consultation
  • Notary Fees
  • Company Stamp
Dubai FreeZone (Zero Visa)
Starting From 12500 AED
Get Started
  • 100% Foriegn Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Investor Visa
  • Business License
  • Business Consultation
  • 5 Business Activities
Rakez FreeZone
Starting From 13500 AED
Get Started
  • 100% Foriegn Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Business License
  • Business Consultation
  • 3 Business Activities

Advantages of Installing a Mainland Company in the UAE

  • Fully Ownership: Recent legal reforms enable full foreign ownership in various sectors.
  • No commercial restrictions exist: Mainland enterprises may conduct business in the UAE and globally.
  • Government Contracts: The opportunity to compete on valuable government initiatives.
  • Variable Office Locations: the capacity to set up an office anywhere within the UAE.
  • Business Growth: Freedom to establish many branches around the United Arab Emirates.

mainland company setup in Dubai.

Mainland license Dubai

Mainland company setup in Dubai, UAE, allows you to expand your business’s subsidiaries to other regions of Dubai and the UAE.

The basic need for all business activity in the United Arab Emirates is to hold a license in the following categories: industrial, commercial, or professional.

Dubai mainland license activities

A business license in Dubai, or anyplace else on the globe, is a document that certifies your firm as a legal entity. A Dubai mainland license permits you to conduct business activities throughout the city without restriction.

There are 6 licenses: industrial, commercial, arts and crafts, traveling, agricultural, and professional. A license can encompass more than one commercial activity.


How much does it command to set up a mainland company in Dubai?

The cost of a mainland company setup in Dubai ranges from AED 15,000 to AED 35,000. The range of prices varies depending on the license sort, business size, permits, office space, nature of activities, and other factors.

Can foreigners set up a company in Dubai?

Foreigners may set up a business in Dubai and own entirely of it in a Free Zone. Many Dubai mainland enterprises can be entirely foreign owned, but a local majority investor is required in some circumstances, particularly in vitally critical industries.

How long does it take to seat a mainland company?

The setup procedure typically lasts 2-4 weeks, based on the intricacy of the firm.

Could a mainland corporation conduct business outside the UAE?

Yes, mainland enterprises can conduct foreign trade without restrictions.

What about the tax consequences?

Dubai provides a tax-friendly environment, with no taxation for corporations on most business activities.

Is it essential to maintain a physical office?

Indeed, real office space is required for mainland enterprises in Dubai.

Dubai is growing as a global economic center. Keeping up with trends is critical, and Outcomes Agency’s innovative strategy helps firms stay ahead.

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