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visa renewal dubai

visa renewal Dubai| We simplify your renewal process, Avoid delays!

Do you want to start your business but visa renewal Dubai is a daunting task? You need help as a new arrival or an existing resident as the visa is a necessary for your business, in another word you will visa for the following:

  • opening a bank account to deal in any financial  facility.
  • obtaining a driving license to save money you spent for transportations.
  • seek health assurance.
  • setting up your  own business.
  •  presenting your children to schools.

Do not worry, you just need to know  various methods to get the permits and visas required to live and work in the United Arab Emirates.

In this topic we will discuss this and we will discuss the cost of family visa renewals in Dubai to the most recent changes on resident visa renewal regulations.

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UAE residence visa renewal new rules

Did you know about UAE residence visa renewal new rules? you may know that you need to have the following criteria to be able to get a resident visa:

  • be over eighteen.
  • own a passport that is still valid for at least six months.
  • ace a medical examination and get health insurance.
  • perhaps security clearances.
  • fulfilling financial requirements, such as presenting money or having a minimum salary.
  • no criminal history

the new rules can be summarized as follow:

  • If you have a visit visa and need to renew your visa, you can not do this from the UAE except for 30 or 60 days only.
  • Visa extensions are not available for stays longer than 120 days per year.
  • Without having to leave the country, you can extend your visa on arrival.
  • 90-day UAE visa can be extended for an extra 90 days by travelers.
  • you can extend any kind of tourist visa for an additional 30 days at fee of around AED 1100 for visitation visa.
  • The duration of UAE free zone visas has been reduced from three to two years


residence visa renewal UAE cost

the residence visa renewal UAE cost is affected by many factors:

  • the type of visa you need to renew.
  • your nationality.
  • The specific emirate where the visa renewal application.
  • the Validity Period.
  • Renewing visas for dependents, such as spouse and children.
  • additional service such as: fees by medical for visa renewal in Dubai.

Generally, residence visa renewal UAE cost can range from around AED 300 to AED 2,000, depending on the specific factors involved.

visa renewal Dubai cost

visa renewal Dubai cost is changing with your case as follow:

Residence Visa Renewal cost for Employees  from AED 500 to AED 1,000
Residence Visa Renewal cost for (Spouse and Children) from AED 300 to AED 600
Residence Visa Renewal cost for for Investors/Business Owners. from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000
Residence Visa Renewal cost for Retirees from AED 1,000 to AED 2,000

family visa renewal Dubai

Dubai residence visa renewal requires this list of document:

  • recent passport photo.
  • proof for your address.
  • if you widows and divorced women, you should show demonstration of your income.
  • The sponsor’s employment contract. see here about employer visa procedure
  • passport copy.
  • medical insurance, you can read about medical for visa renewal in Dubai.

after preparation of  Dubai residence visa renewal requirements, you can now renew you visa. you should do this one to six months before visa expiry. you can see more here

family visa renewal Dubai cost

family visa renewal process in Dubai is very easy, but you should keep in mind these points:

  • To renew the visas of your family, certain requirements should be completed such as: earning at least AED 4,000 or AED 3,500 per month, employees who work in the United Arab Emirates can extend the visas of their sponsored dependents. the sponsor has to hold a valid resident visa as well.
  • As part of the visa renewal procedure, all sponsored dependents who are older than 18 must have a medical examination and submit a report of the results. The Emirates ID has to be renewed before the residence visa renewal.
  • you have to obtain a health insurance in Dubai. Candidates need to submit a health insurance certificate.

How to renew family visa in Dubai online?

family visa renewal process in Dubai can be finished Online, since the government hope to facilitate tourist visa renewal Dubai

this can be done through these steps:

  1. visit the website of Dubai government, fill the required information.
  2. upload your documents.
  3. pay the required cost.

being with your Family is our mission in Outcomes Agency, contact us for any consultations about tourist visa renewal Dubai.

child visa renewal Dubai

there are special consideration you need to know when you ask for child visa renewal Dubai

  • till 18, children may be included on a parent’s visa.  except If the kid is engaged in full-time school, this may be extended to the age of 21.
  • the child visa can not be valid more one year, and thus need to be renewed annually.
  • fortunately, if your child is less than 16, this age is exempted from the mandatory medical test.
  • The child must be sponsored by a parent who had a valid visa.
  • you must renew The child’s Emirates ID.

spouse visa renewal Dubai fees

 generally, spouse visa renewal Dubai fees is around AED 500 to AED 900 but with additional fees in the following aspects according to the case:

  • the medical test
  • Emirates ID
  • Health insurance
  • Administrative Fees

commonly asked questions:

How can I renew my visa in Dubai?

this can be done through submitting all the required documents to a licensed service provider, then fill the application.

How much is the residence visa renewal fee in Dubai?

the cost is varying according to the case, it may reach 1ooo AED

What do I do if my visa is expired in Dubai?

Contact the Embassy through their website or through their phone. you should know time before visa cancel

How many times can I renew my visit visa in Dubai?

it is recommended to be renewed for 2 times a year, each time extend up to 60 days.

according to the latest rules, you can not extend more than 2 times.

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