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setting up a business in UAE.

Setting up a business in UAE| cost of business license in UAE, Dubai

many people dream of Setting Up a Business in UAE, but they are stopped by fear. Prosperous individuals seek assistance from Outcomes Agency so they may feel certain in their ability to think through and execute their company plans.

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we can provide a wide range of services to assist you with Setting Up a Business in UAE including:

  • Advice on setting up a business in the UAE.
  • choose the appropriate business structure for your company.
  • Obtaining the necessary License for your company.
  • Complete your company registration process.
  • ensure your company adherence to the rules and laws regulating commerce in the UAE and giving guidance on  compliance needs and corporate governance.
  • administering paperwork and processes for immigration and visas for company owners, shareholders, and employees.
  • provide your company with the best tax minimization techniques.

Business setup in Dubai

the most common question is why business setup in Dubai? and how can you establish your business in Dubai?

why Dubai is the best choice?

according to the commerce ministry of the UAE: ”The process of establishing a company in the UAE involves only a few simple steps, in all seven emirates” and this mean that the government is simplifying Setting Up a Business in UAE and facilitating even for  foreigners.

so they provide the following:

  • Convert Dubai Environment into Business-Friendly Environment by:
  • promotion of entrepreneurship and international investment.
  • offering a range of benefits such as:100% foreign ownership, and no business taxes.
  • Dubai has a unique geographic location, connecting the East and the West.
  • providing the best infrastructure.
  • draws in a diversified and highly trained labor force from every part of the world.
  •  availability of  setting up a business in UAE free zone with their advantages.

what is the best way for Setting Up a Business in UAE?

through this 7 steps you can start:

  1. Describe the Type of activity You will do in your company, The UAE provides six primary categories of economic licenses.
  2. design your company legal structure.
  3. create a unique trade name for your company.
  4. seek an initial approval.
  5.   get Memorandum of Association (MOA) or local service agent agreement (LSA) according to your business partnership.
  6. choose a suitable location for your company.
  7. ask if your business activity need some Additional Government Approvals.
  8. Send payments and get licenses.
  9. Register Your Company in the same emirate where it has been incorporated.
  10. start your business now.

Business License in UAE

you may be wondering if it is necessary to obtain a Business License in UAE for Setting Up your Business in Dubai city? and simply the answer is “yes”.

the costs of setting up a business licence in uae are affordable and it can be from AED 10,000 to AED 30,000 and change according to 

  • the emirate you choose.
  • your activity.

The UAE provides six types of economic licenses including

  • Occupational license
  • Tourism license
  • Industrial license
  • Commercial license
  • Agricultural license
  • Professional license

according to the activity of your business, you will choose the license.

UAE company register search

we undergo UAE company register search in the following:

  • Free Zone Company Registries.  “you can search online”
  • Commercial Licenses Database. “DED”
  • UAE Corporate Registry. “usually through a service provider as it is not publicly accessible”

Setting up a business in UAE for foreigners

it is very easy to Set up a business in UAE for foreigners as the UAE encourage foreigners investment by permitting non-residents to establish and manage businesses.

some partnership arrangements enable foreigners to manage businesses while meeting ownership requirements. you will gain many Advantages  by Setting Up a Business in UAE as a foreigner.

setting up a business in UAE.

example of  these advantages:

  • Low income tax and zero VAT are provided you choose setting up a business in uae free zone.
  • Dubai permits any foreign entity, regardless of nationality, to own all of its shares.”100% foreign ownership”.
  • Dubai is considered a secure destination as you can get your rights by regulation of police departments.

moreover, the previous advantages of the UAE as a hub for businesses.

How to Start a Business in UAE as a foreigner?

here easy steps you can do to guide you while Setting Up a Business in UAE as a foreigner and you can see here for more information

  1. plan your business activity to get the license you need and think of a distinctive name that complies with UAE regulations.
  2. decide the business structure that align with your business nature either  LLC, sole proprietorship, or other options.   
  3. compare between free zone and Dubai mainland to select which location is the best.
  4. apply for visa and bank account and a Business License in UAE.
  5. register your company.
  6. start your business and complete toward success.

You can easily and effectively launch and expand your business in Dubai with professional advice from respectable business setup consultant firm in Dubai, such as Outcomes Agency. because it is not easy to know how to set up a consulting business in uae but we know.

Setting up a business in UAE online

since there are online platforms where you apply for a commercial license and  establish your business after providing the required paperwork will result in a license being issued in a few of minutes and you can also see free business set up in Dubai

if you want to Set up a business in UAE online, you need do this steps. although it seems easy you should surely comply with the city regulation. Outcomes agency is the best choice to be your hand in Dubai city 

online company registration in UAE


one of our service in Outcomes agency is online company registration in UAE for people who seek Setting up a business in UAE online. we help you to finish your paperwork and comply with laws and regulations of the city. we also provide other services, See more about our services.

Dubai Mainland (Investor Visa)
Starting From 14500 AED
Get Started
  • 100% Foriegn Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Investor Visa
  • Business License
  • Business Consultation
  • Notary Fees
  • Company Stamp
Dubai FreeZone (Zero Visa)
Starting From 12500 AED
Get Started
  • 100% Foriegn Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Investor Visa
  • Business License
  • Business Consultation
  • 5 Business Activities
Rakez FreeZone
Starting From 13500 AED
Get Started
  • 100% Foriegn Ownership
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Business License
  • Business Consultation
  • 3 Business Activities

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frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost to set up business in UAE?

the cost of setting up a business in uae ranging from AED 15,000 to AED 35,000,see more here

the real costs of setting up a business in UAE might differ greatly depending on the particular needs of your business and the location of your company and many other factors

Can a foreigner start a business in UAE? 

yes, surely and in  a few, easy steps.

How can I start a small business in UAE?

To set up a business in the UAE, plan your activities, get the required license, choose name compliant with regulations, select your business structure, decide free zone vs. mainland, apply for visa/bank account, register the company, and start work.

Is it hard to open a business in the UAE?

it may be hard but not with our Outcomes Agency

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