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business setup consultants in abu dhabi

Top business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi

Outcomes Agency, an experienced business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi with a regional focus and global participation, provides a comprehensive range of services for business formation in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and throughout the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries.

 While situated in the UAE, we provide full company formation services for several Free Trade Zones, Offshores, and Mainland (LLC) in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.

business setup consultants in abu dhabi

Top business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi

Outcomes Agency: The top business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi provide a comprehensive variety of services to international investors, SMEs, and multinational corporations, including a complete company formation solution from the start.

 Our skilled staff of professionals evaluates the difficulties that the region’s organizations confront and provides excellent solutions that provide clear and optimized commercial direction while incorporating solid expertise and awareness of the UAE market. 

 Outcomes Agency offers comprehensive expert assistance of exceptional quality that fulfills the particular needs of our most demanding customers.

How to set up your business in Abu Dhabi

Start your company with Outcomes the Best business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi in three easy steps, led by our Business Growth staff who will remain there at each stage.

  • Please send in your business form or strategy.
  • Submit all necessary commercial, authorized, and governmental paperwork.
  • Submit payment (if necessary) and take advantage of waived license costs.

business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi cost

The cost of launching a business in Abu Dhabi typically begins at AED 25,000 but may differ based on the sort of business, framework, and region. With our complete Specialized Company Formation Bundle, you will receive the smooth help and encouragement you require to launch your firm in this thriving commercial hub.

Stages to Create a Business in Abu Dhabi

Identify the business activities and legal framework

The specific legal corporation form and license needed are defined by the type of economic activity.

Establish the Company’s Trade Name:

Fill out the Trade Name request form with at least three corporate trade name alternatives.

Applied to the state’s Department of Economic Development (DED), alongside the suggested company schedule, for preliminary clearance.

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Prepare a Memorandum of Understanding or Articles of Association:

After receiving the company name registration document and official endorsement, you must draft business documents and have the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association notarized by an official notary in the Abu Dhabi courts.

Create a Business Location:

Select your ideal company location then sign a rental contract for office space. This must be approved by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi. You may additionally sign a virtual office lease until you locate an appropriate business site.

Get a business bank account:

After transferring the paid-up share capital, open an account with a UAE corporate bank. You will then get a certificate of withdrawal and a bank statement.

Register for a Business License:

Submitted the Licence Application form to the Abu Dhabi DED, together with the MOA and AOA.

  • Name Clearance Certificate
  • Lease agreements
  • Certificate for paid-up share capital

After applying, it takes three weeks to acquire business license clearance.

Establish the company:

The following stage is to establish the firm with the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce by submitting the registration cost and notarizing all business paperwork.

Acquire visas:

Get UAE work visas for foreign investors as well as staff who will be based in Abu Dhabi. These could be obtained from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Department of Naturalization and Residence (DNRD).

Our staff at Outcomes Agency the best business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi will be handling everything, including determining the best jurisdiction for your company, regulatory company structure, banking approaches, help in locating appropriate business premises, representation in court, finance possibilities, plus a lot more. We assist you in completing all of the required papers and meeting government regulations.

consultancy license in Abu Dhabi

The costs of starting a management consulting with business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi, as those of any other company, vary depending on the authority, size of the organization, and other considerations. In general, getting an Abu Dhabi consultancy license would cost you between AED 15,000 and AED 25,000.


How much is a consultancy license in Abu Dhabi?

Cost of a consulting license in the Abu Dhabi overall, you could anticipate paying around AED fifteen thousand and AED 30,000 to start your consultation business.

Can a foreigner start a business in Abu Dhabi?

Foreigners and migrants could lawfully create companies in the United Arab Emirates, including The mainland, free zone, including offshore firms. Dubai offers a variety of enterprise licenses, including industrial, commercial, including business licenses, all tailored to a certain company activity.

How extensively does it command to get a company in Abu Dhabi?

The expense of establishing a company in Abu Dhabi varies based on the type of business, its size, and its location. nevertheless, there are several essential costs that each company owner ought to take into account while creating a budget. 

Can you have 100% ownership of a company in Abu Dhabi

The balance of fifty-one percent would need to be related to a UAE citizen, commonly referred to as an Emirati sponsor or partnership. Foreigners can now hold 100% of their company in the UAE following modifications to the Law on Commercial Companies (CCL) from June 1, 2021.

Is it a smart idea to establish a business in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is well-known for its company-friendly rules and simplicity of conducting business. The government has launched a variety of programs to attract and encourage businessmen, to make it simpler for enterprises to grow.

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