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abu dhabi business setup service

Abu Dhabi business setup service | set up business in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and serves as the world’s commercial center. 

So, it’s no surprise that this location is excellent for businesspeople wishing to Abu Dhabi business setup service with Outcomes Agency.  

For years, Dubai has been the UAE’s principal business hub; nevertheless, Abu Dhabi is currently working hard to improve its global position in the business industries and gain appeal among entrepreneurs. It’s also rather swift and straightforward to use Abu Dhabi’s business setup service. The setup procedure is secure and risk-free.

Abu Dhabi business setup service | set up business in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi business setup service

Discover our extensive choice of business setup services at Outcomes Agency UAE business setup consultancy geared to fulfill all of your business setup requirements:

  • Registration of a business and paperwork
  • Professional services for license issuing
  • Visa Filing for You and Your staff members
  • Office space options.
  • Services for translation
  • Financial aid
  • Investment Rights Protection
  • Services that add value

 Why choose Abu Dhabi for business setup?

Abu Dhabi business setup service, with many free zones dedicated to a distinct industry, such as technological advances, logistics, and manufacturing. These free zones have various advantages, such entirely foreign ownership, complete repatriation of earnings and money, and streamlined customs procedures.

How to set up a business in Abu Dhabi?

As the biggest emirate in the territory and host to the UAE’s second-largest people, the capital provides numerous advantages to multinational companies.

It also creates fantastic potential for small and medium-sized enterprises to expand rapidly. Furthermore, the most recent legislation that allows 100% foreign ownership in the United Arab Emirates has created limitless opportunities.

As a result, several local and international businesses have expressed interest in establishing a presence in Abu Dhabi.

 Starting a Business in Abu Dhabi

The UAE’s policies are industry favorable. The administration invites investment from foreign as well as domestic investors. Establishing a business in Abu Dhabi is simple and free of unnecessary paperwork.

Business Activities

The first stage is the Abu Dhabi business setup service/commercial activities. The rules and regulations and licensing fees vary based on your firm’s business type. The UAE has six forms of company licensing: commercial, travel, competent, commercial, agricultural in nature and occupation. You may begin the legal process if you’ve decided on the company’s type.

Formal Form of Company

You must decide on the ownership structure while Abu Dhabi business setup service.

Trading Mark Registrations

Choosing a trade name is one of the most critical tasks in starting a business in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi business setup cost

The cost of Abu Dhabi business setup service must be calculated considering the many aspects of UAE business registration. Its policies, international connections, tax breaks, and good infrastructure attract businesses.

Investors who want to start a business here should know the capital requirements before commencing their enterprise. This understanding will allow them to organize successfully and acquire funding for their firm.

What are the types of business licenses required to set up a business in Abu Dhabi?

Knowing the many forms of Abu Dhabi company licenses is critical. There are three varieties in Abu Dhabi: commercial, expert, and industrial. As a result, each form of trading license in Abu Dhabi is tailored to a particular sort of commercial activity.

Commercial license. This sort of business license Abu Dhabi is for companies who engage in trade activities.

It comprises buying and selling products and services. This license, for example, would be required for retail businesses, logistical companies, and real estate organizations.

Consequently, a commercial license is a certificate granted to business proprietors, allowing them to trade in Abu Dhabi.

Professionals license. This license is granted to qualified people who run service-oriented businesses. Thus, it encompasses occupations such as advice, health care, and teaching services.

Industrial license: These entrepreneurs participate in the supply chain for manufacturing and trade-related operations as third-party suppliers.

Each trade license in Abu Dhabi is tailored to a particular kind of economic activity. Thus, precisely recognizing your business activities is vital to ensure you qualify for a suitable trade license in Abu Dhabi.

The documents for new business setup in Abu Dhabi

The following are the documents needed to obtain an Abu Dhabi license.

  • Declaration of Association
  • trademark registry copy
  • Lease contract copy
  • Bank Verification Letters
  • There is no objection letter from the regional sponsor.
  • Passport copy plus residence permission
  • Business strategy copy

Once you submit the appropriate paperwork to the courts, they will thoroughly examine it. Once authorized, you will be sent an organization license fee voucher.

You must first pay the cost, after which you will receive your Abu Dhabi Business License. Outcomes‘s business consultants and legal professionals can help you obtain an Abu Dhabi business license. Our aid is reasonably priced, and we will provide you with the documentation required to get Abu Dhabi business setup service within just a few days.


How considerably does it command to establish up a business in Abu Dhabi?

The overall Abu Dhabi business setup service fees on the mainland could vary from AED 18,999 to AED 29,000 for two years, depending on the package of services that the client can select, as well as the place of residence and kind of company formation services in dubai plus abu dhabi that an investor wishes to do.

Can a foreigner start a business in Abu Dhabi?

Foreigners and expatriates may lawfully establish a new business setup in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including mainland, free zone, and offshore firms. Dubai offers a variety of business licenses, including commercial, industrial, & professional licenses, all tailored to a particular company activity.

How much is a business license in Abu Dhabi?

An Abu Dhabi business license normally costs between AED 10,000 and AED 30,000, depending on the level of detail in your application, the total number of visas requested, and the location of your operation (free zone or mainland).

What visa do I need to start a business in UAE?

If you want to Abu Dhabi business setup service, you must obtain a visa to reside in the nation. Startups are classified into two categories. Both a five-year and a ten-year visa can be obtained without a sponsor. There are two ways to get a five-year visa.

How much is an LLC license in Abu Dhabi?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) license in Abu Dhabi costs as little as AED 5,500* for any commercial activity, include commerce in general. Additional charges could be incurred depending on your place of work demands and visa restrictions.

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